The city is built between the mountain range of Pindos, entry of the Corinthian gulf, Nafpaktos lies between mountain and sea.

It is believed that she obtained her name from the ancient Greek words 'Nafs' (=ship) and 'pignimi' (=create, build) which stands for ship building. The Dorians (ancient Greek Tribe) used Nafpaktos in order to manufacture rafts, therefore the name of the city.

Also Nafpaktos is well known for the battle of Lepanto, a naval battle, witch meant to be a significant moment in the western civilisation history.

Nafpaktos has a unique identity, monuments, natural beauties, the new and famous Rion – Antirion bridge are a few spots of our city. Here, you can relax on the two main beaches, 'Psani' and 'Gribobo', a walk on the pavement which leads to the fortified castle. You will dance to the rhythms of the port, relax by the cafes and enjoy restaurants and delicacies.

Also Fokida the nearby area, well known for its clean and beautiful beaches. And last but not least the mountains and villages of Nafpaktia, a true paradise.